Baghouse and Cartridge Dust Collectors

CAD Dust Collectors

Controlled Air Design offers turn-key installation on all Central Dust Collection Systems.

Mini Central Systems

Mini-Central Dust Collection System

​We have a line of Mini-Central dust and welding fume collection systems ranging from 4 cartridge to 9 cartridge. Our Mini-Central systems come with TEFC Motors and spark-arresting drop-out chambers for metal grinding, plasma welding, arc, TIG, MIG and all kinds of cutting. The Mini-Centrals are also set up for fine dust collection. Featuring a unique concentric filter design with a . 5 micron @ 99.97% efficient and a concentric HEPA that is part of the same assembly. This means that filter change-outs only take a few minutes.

In addition to highly efficient filtration, the Mini-Centrals are also set up with pulse-jet on demand filter cleaning. This can be push-button type, timer activated or automatic. These units exhaust pristine clean breathable air back into the workspace so that heated or cooled air is kept within the building and not vented outside.

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Mini-Central Specifications:

Unit Mini-Central 4 Mini-Central 6 Mini-Central 9
Air Flow 1800 cu ft/min 2400 cu ft/min 3835 cu ft/min
Useful Static Pressure 100mm H2O 100mm H2O 130mm H2O
Weight 836 lbs 1034 lbs 1364 lbs
Working Tank Header Pressure 73 psi 73 psi 73 psi
Voltage 230/460/3/60 230/460/3/60 230/460/3/60
HP 3 HP 5.36 HP 10 HP
Sound Level 78 db / 71 db* 81 db / 75 db* 87 db / 79 db*

* = with Silencer Plenum

Baghouse Dust Collectors

Baghouse Dust Collectors

With millions of CFM going through operating ACT Dust Collectors every day worldwide, we have the solution to every application. Custom designed and built systems are common, and our engineering team can help find thedust collection system that’s right for you. Dirty air from the dust source enters the A.C.T. dust collector at the top of the main housing. There are inlets on the roof and optional inlets on the front for the most efficient connection. As air enters the dust collector, dust accumulates on the outside of the filters as air is drawn through the high-efficiency media.

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The air flowing down through the system greatly assists the fallout of dust into the hopper where it is discharged. When the pulse clean system activates and accumulated dust is released from the cartridges, the air flowing downward through the collector assists dust fallout again. This avoids dust from getting re-entrained and accumulating on the filter again. Systems with vertical filters — with air entering from the side or below — struggle to avoid dust getting picked back up in the airstream or “re-entrained.”

Cartridge Dust Collectors

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Cartridge Collectors

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