Compact DD Lineup

Our Compact Downdraft Tables are compact, portable, and very effective! They can be modified for ST1 dusts in Class 2 Div 2 areas

SPC Compact Downdraft

SPC Downdraft
SPC Compact Downdraft

Made in the USA, SPC Portable Downdraft Benches are engineered for effective, economical control of dry dusts, fume and smoke that is generated from sanding, polishing, grinding and more. Ideal for light to moderate concentrations of dry contaminants, the Downdraft Benches draw fumes, vapors, smoke and particulate down and back- away from the operator’s breathing zone. Highly efficient cartridge filters trap particulate down to .5 microns, while pulse-jet compressed air blasts keep filters clear and operating at optimum efficiency. The SPCD-1000 are compact and portable.

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The Compact Downdraft Tables are highly customizable. Because the “dirty air” portion of the filter box is less than 8 cu ft, the unit is compliant with the NFPA 652 8 cubic ft rule. By adding a few other dissipating and non-sparking features, it can be made suitable for ST 1 dusts and Class II, Div 2 areas.


SPC DD Specs

DB-800 Downdraft Bench (bag filters)


The DB-800 Downdraft Bench is designed to provide efficient, cost effective control of dry dusts, fume, and smoke generated from sanding, polishing, buffing, grinding and other processes.

Typically used for light to moderate concentrations of dry contaminants, the DB-800 is the Dust Cab 800 Dust Collector with a downdraft table top mounted on top of the Dust Cab 800.

Cost effective control of dry dusts, fumes and smoke generated from sanding, grinding, welding,

DD800 Bags
The DD-800 can also be set up as a stand alone dust cabinet collector

The DB-800 is compact and portable, the top is an aluminum surface to protect against parts that cannot be scratched and can support a table load of 50 pounds per square feet maximum. The top has a back enclosure with a light fixture and hinged side wing panels. The filters in the Downdraft Bench 800 are shaker style with standard cotton sateen bag material and cleaning is accomplished using a foot pedal to wrap the bottom of the bags.

The DB-800 has a design airflow of 800 CFM. Downdraft table top velocity is 250 feet per minute. The DB-800 is designed to be powered up as soon as you receive it by offering a power cord and switch operating at 115 volts. Optional rubber mats are available for the placing on the table top.


  • Direct drive forward curved blower with a 1HP TEFC motor delivering 800 CFM at 3 inches external static pressure
  • 115/220 volt single phase with power cord and plug
  • Low noise level at 66 dbA
  • Manual foot shaker to manually clean the filter bags
  • Pull out dust drawer with a holding capacity of 0.9 cubic feet
  • Bubble gasket seal on blower and filter access doors
  • 22 envelope pocket, flame retardant cotton sateen filters
  • Total filter area is 55 square feet with toolless filter replacement
  • Built-in sound attenuator
  • 16 ga metal construction with a heavy duty textured powder coat finish
  • Table Top is of aluminum construction with 3/
  • 4” Holes
  • 24” Fluorescent Light Kit
  • Caster Kit
  • Wrap Around body with swing open doors to enclose part on table
  • Table top velocity is 250 FPM

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