All Terrain Litter Vacuums


Whether you are vacuuming litter off a city park or a highway, or if you need to vacuum out a horse stable without emitting any fumes, we have a vacuuming solution that has proper filtration.

LP-61G Gas Powered Litter Vac

2 micron Filter Cartridge for Dust Control

LP-61G - fits in a pickup bed, or attaches to a trailer hitch.

For hard-to-reach soiled areas such as windblown trash at landfill/transfer station fence lines, parking lots, parks, cycling trails and industrial sites there’s nothing quite like the LP61G!

Special Features:

  • Vacuums: cans, bottles, newspapers, plastic and paper bags as well as other trash
  • Compact, lightweight and easy to use
  • Fork lift ready
  • Easily transported using; a standard pick-up with 6-ft bed, all terrain vehicle or optional tow behind trailer conversion with standard hitch
  • 8-inch (203 mm) diameter hose
  • Patented straight-through suction compacts litter approx. 80 gallon (300 L)
  • Quick-change reusable-type collector bag
  • Skid mount to trailer option in 30 minutes

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Battery Powered Litter Vac

VEV with Li NMC battery pack offers up to 9-hour autonomy

This unique, all-terrain battery-powered litter vacuum will cater to customers who favor eco-efficient solutions for their fleet. Can be charged using Level 2 SAE J1772 at 6kw, or 120 V wall socket!

The lithium-ion ATLV doubles as an air-cleaner by circulating clean breathable air back into the workspace. 

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  • Reduce GHG by 17 tons annually – environmentally friendly
  • Lower dB than LN50 diesel – reduce noise pollution
  • Battery pack from CA-based Zero Motorcycles – 3x better “Energy per weight and volume” ratio in the industry
  • Up to 9 hours autonomy – no down-time during regular work shift
  • No CDL required – safe and easy to operate

Lithium-ion battery version for use in horse barns and stables!

All-Terrain lithium-ion battery-powered litter vacuum.

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The Equestrian Industry prefers our lithium-ion battery powered litter vacuums over the push behind gas powered bag units because of filtration and noise. The gas units with the poly-felt bag don’t offer proper filtration as they are from a 60 year old design that hasn’t changed at all over the years. The molded plastic hopper bin is also breeze to clean out compared to the bag type. 

Plus (click or tap to expand) + Do you still sell the Elephant Vac?

The Elephant Vac stopped production a few years ago. It was replaced with the All-Terrain lithium-ion battery-powered litter vacuum. and LP61 G in our product lineup. 

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