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Vacuum tubing and fittings.

Tubing & Fittings for Vacuum Systems.
Vacuum Tubing & Fittings

We offer fast shipment on a wide selection of tubing and ducting, including tubing, pipe, bends, compression couplings, fittings and installation components. Our standard tube and pipe parts are available in carbon, galvanized and stainless steel, as well as aluminum. With superior quality and a competitive price, our components are the solution.



Ceramic-Lined Elbows & Fittings

Connection Components
Ceramic-Lined Fittings

Ceramic lined bends are used for abrasive materials that normally wear holes in carbon steel fittings, especially elbows. A uniform coating of a specially formulated ceramic material is added to the inside diameter of the bend to give it a very hard, very slippery, glass like surface. 

This ceramic coating resists abrasion because of a combination of its hardness and its smoothness. 

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Clamp-Together Ducting System.

Rolled Lip Clamp Together System utilizes a rolled lip that is formed on the end of all parts.

clamp together duct system
Rolled Lip and Quick-Clamp

Our clamp together duct system utilizes a heavy duty, all welded, all stainless clamp to encompass and securely connect the rolled lips pre-formed on the ends of the components. The heavy duty standard gasket is n-buna rubber- a material that is acceptable for most uses. Other materials are available for high temp, FDA, and corrosive applications. An adjustable clamp is also available for ‘positive’ pressure systems and application where leaks ‘MUST’ be avoided.


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Butterfly Valves - Manual and Automatic


Our custom Butterfly Valves are designed to help with airflow speeds. Available in manual and auto, as well as heavy duty or basic. They also come in a variety of metal types and different gauges. The automatic valves are pneumatically operated and electronically controlled by a pneumatic cylinder. 

The cylinder requires 90 psi to operate but uses very little volume. The cylinder is activated by solenoids connected to virtually any electric signal - 12/24 V, AC/DC or 110/220 voltage. These solenoids operate off of milliamps and therefore require minimal wiring. The valve is powered in both directions to open and close the disc/flap; usually constructed from 3/16” steel. Optional half-moon spacers with gaskets are available for a tighter seal.

Custom Spark Traps

Couplings & Fittings
Spark Traps for Ducting

We carry a complete line of Spark Traps all custom made here in the USA. All made with premium materials and fast delivery times. Give us a call anytime to discuss your needs. We put decades of experience both in the field into finding the best solution that meets your needs. Our support team are available at (800) 635 0298 or after hours at (919) 607 6765.

Grounding Reels

Retractable Grounding Reel

We offer several kinds of grounding reels that give you an independent ground outside of the units power supply.   Recent NEC Code calls for an independent ground in HAZLOC areas.  We have retractable reels that bolt onto the vacuum or dust collector. The wire itself is copper and there is a clamp on the end.  

Just attach to steel water pipe or staircase. You might have to scuff the paintwork to make proper contact. It's best to check with your company Health & Safety Department first. 

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