Tower Packing Media

TRIPACKS ​Scrubber Packing Media.

Tripacks Tower Packing Media

Features and Specifications

The distinctive shaping of ribs, struts and drip rods gives Tri-Packs a solid advantage in wetting characteristics, and the ability to maintain uniform liquid distribution throughout the bed.

TRIPACKS also prevent clogging, because there are no flat surfaces or minute openings to harbor particulate. They eliminate puddling too, because they are free of corners and valleys, and they greatly minimize wasteful liquid flow down the wall surfaces. TRIPACKS further prevents dry spots and compression interlock, two phenomena common to other packing media. Both conditions cause liquid and air channeling an significantly decrease media efficiency.

packing media specs

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Note to specifiers: Surface area alone does not guarantee performance. Too much surface area can impede gas/liquid contact and create higher pressure drops, thus increasing horsepower requirements and operating expense.

TRIPACKS provides the optimum surface-to-open-area ratio for achieving best mass transfer efficiency and lowest operating costs. It is the industry standard for random dump tower packing media.

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