Case Studies and information on increasing productivity while complying with things like NFPA, EPA OSHA and local environmental standards.

OSHA & NFPA compliance issues through analytical problem solving.

Industrial Vacuuming & Dust Collection Solutions for NFPA 70 NEC Ordinary & Hazardous locations.

Safety and Productivity don't need to be mutually exclusive..


We advise our clients to develop relationships with their local AHJ and OSHA reps, not only for safety reasons, but also as a resource for saving money that would be otherwise wasted on purchasing the wrong equipment. When you call us we will examine your application and make the most safety conscious and efficient recommendations.

Regulations and codes are constantly being revised and updated. We help our clients stay on top of safety and still come out ahead in productivity. 

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Case Studies


Bulk vacuuming solution for a robotic cell

A very unique application and a very simple solution.


Tesla needed a paint fume capture solution

Controlled Air Design was approached by Tesla to provide a paint fume capture solution

Die Cast Fume Collection

Die Cast Fume Collection

A leading automotive parts manufacturer needed a solution for mold release fume collection.


Robotic Cell Industrial Vacuum for Spin-Welding Dust

A Systems Integrator needed an industrial vacuum for robotic cell source capture.


A Solution Was Needed for 3D Printing Dust

Dusts generated from additive manufacturing and 3-D printing are explosive.


Food Production Facility Needed Air Purification

A food processing facility needed to provide safe breathable air for workers due to COVID-19

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