Industrial Vacuum Sweepers


DustMax Industrial HEPA Factory Vacuum Sweepers

No dust cloud!

The DustMax Factory Vacuum Sweeper is designed to clean fine dust and debris from your warehouse or factory floor without creating a dust cloud. Our innovative Filter Shaker allows the operator to clean out the filter just by pushing a button mounted to the digital console. A downward torque adjustment on the main broom also allows you to create the correct amount of compression of the bristle against the floor. It can clean pitted concrete warehouse floors or a marble lobby with equal amounts of ease.

For harmful dusts just remove the side broom and add the HEPA Filter.

Technical Specifications

The DustMax is great on large carpeted areas such as convention centers or hotels, and is also a great parking lot cleaner. Emptying the 17 gallon hopper is very easy. Just undo the latch and it slides out like a drawer. The on-board battery charger allows you to plug your DustMax into your nearest 15 amp wall socket to slow charge overnight.

Main Broom
Optional Steel Mix Broom

A variety of Main Brooms and Side Brushes are available. The standard is a nylon bristle which works well in most applications.

We have Brass-Mix and Steel-Mix Bristle available also. The main broom can be changed out in a couple of minutes. A torque adjustment wheel on the unit controls how much compression there is on the bristle. Finding the right adjustment stops a dust cloud from forming. The on-board vacuum motor also assists in pulling that dust back in and circulating it through a HEPA Filter. Therefore no “dust cloud” is created with The DustMax.

Click on this link to see a case study.

Features and Benefits

36 inch DustMax
36 inch DustMax
  • Up to 4 hours of run time with an AGM battery
  • Cleaning rate of up to 51,000 square feet per hour
  • Cleaning width of 36″
  • Exceptional dry soil removal
  • Built-in battery charger so that you can always have a charged battery
  • Easy to maneuver
  • High-efficiency filtration available
  • 5 micron dust control

HEPA Filtration and Extended Battery Life.

Washable HEPA
Optional HEPA Filter

A washable HEPA filter is available as an option as well as a variety of brass and steel bristle main brooms.

Cleaning rate up to 35,000 sq. ft./hr., width of 28″ or 36”. Battery operated with a built-in battery charger “Smarter Charger”. Robotically welded for maximum quality, the electrical monitoring system will extend battery life.

The DustMax is ideal for factory and warehouse environments where dust control is a problem.

DustMax Riding Vacuum Sweeper

The 1050 is a compact ride-on sweeper that is the perfect step up from a walk-behind sweeper.
1050 Vacuum Sweeper
1050 Vacuum Sweeper

​The 1050 sweeper can fit through a 32 inch door, yet still clean up to 84,000 square feet an hour. It features a patented self-leveling system to allow it to adjust to any surface, as well as self-cleaning filters. The .5 micron @ 99.97% efficiency filtration makes the 1050 Vacuum Sweeper safe for use in hospitals and healthcare facilities, and the 63 dBa noise level make it ideal for use in hotel lobbies and airports. The on-board manual filter-shaker means no down time due to clogged filters!


1050 Cutaway
1050 Cutaway
  • Up to 84,000 sq. ft./hr.
  • 42” cleaning path
  • 3 programmable cleaning models
  • Patented self-leveling main broom
  • Patented self-cleaning filters
  • HEPA Filtration available
  • Metal mix brushes available
  • Larger models available
  • HEPA Filter available
  • Brass mix and steel mix brushes available
  • Parts are instantly available from us
  • Replacement batteries are available from local battery stores
  • GEL batteries available for sub-zero environments
  • The 10150 is used on US Navy ships and cruise ships around the world
  • Great for industrial factory and warehouse floor sweeping

Call (800)635-0298 for parts and filters

The SmartVac

SmartVac 24
SmartVac 24" and 32"

SmartVac 24"

The battery operated SmartVac 464 will vacuum carpet and sweep floors at incredibly productivity rates, automatically adjusting to any surface.

  • 24″ battery vacuum and sweeper
  • Multi-surface vacuum and sweeper
  • Cleans up to 41,000 square feet per hour
  • Battery operated, charge provides up to 2.5 hours of use
  • Ultra quiet at 55 dBa- can be used at any time of day or night
  • Genius technology—just choose the cleaning mode
  • Highly maneuverable
  • Picks up large debris with no worries
  • Digital hour meter to measure the productivity
  • Adjustable handle for easy transport and storage

SmartVac 32"

The battery operated SmartVac 32” is a larger, more powerful version of the 24”. Ideal for cleaning large carpeted areas, or even light cleanup of the warehouse and workshop. Most of the features are the same as the 24” but on a slightly larger scale. 51,000 sq ft per hour cleaning, 32” sweep-path and a 13 gallon hopper capacity. Battery run time is 2.5 continuous hours.

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