Depureco Eco-Bull XP

HEPA Filtered Depureco Eco-Bull XP for explosive plastic dust

Depureco Eco-Bull XP for CLASS II DIVISION II

The Problem

A large Systems Integrator called one day to ask for a point-of-source capture solution for explosive dust being generated in one of their manufacturing cells. The dust being generated was plastic dust, which is highly explosive in the right environment. They had been using drum top vacs with open frame carbon-brush motors up until that point. After we made the customer aware of NFPA 654 and NFPA 652 standards, they recognized that they needed a safe and reliable solution.

The Solution

A proposal for a Depureco Eco-Bull XP for CLASS II DIVISION II industrial vacuum was presented to the customer. The customer decided to give it a try and after a few months they decided to integrate the Eco-Bull XP on all their builds going forward.

Installation of the Depureco Eco-Bull XP met the specific requirements for the project. In addition, the end user reported increased cleanliness, as well as improvements in efficiency.

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