The Polyaire HEPA Scrubbers

The Polyaire HEPA Scrubbers- the solution for problematic construction and demolition dust control.

Polyaire HEPA Scrubbers

The Problem

​We were approached by a local contractor who was doing demolition and sheet-rock sanding in a hospital. The hospital remained open during the renovations, so the client needed a completely dust free environment. They requested that dust not make its way into the hospital’s ventilation system.

The Solution

During demolition, we advised the client to seal off the construction and demolition area where harmful dusts were being generated, and to set up a negative pressure confinement area. This was done with our portable HEPA Negative-Air Units and vent-kits. The area was sealed off with plastic sheeting and a 12” diameter port to vent the mylar exhaust hose. For residual cleanup, we recommended our Backpack HEPA Vacuums. Each of these units contain a .3 micron @ 99.97% efficient certified HEPA Filter. We based our recommendations off calculations that told us the exact CFM needed for multiple complete exchanges of air within the space each hour.

The client was very impressed with our science and math based approach. Their own handheld air monitoring devices confirmed that the dust was being completely contained during the heaviest demolition work.

The project was completed on time and on budget, and with none of the air containment difficulties faced in previous projects.

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