15 lbs of activated carbon to neutralize nasty odors from things like acetone and formaldehyde, plus a HEPA filter to arrest fine dust particles and return clean breathable air back into the workspace.



The 3” collection arms are made of stainless steel and are very flexible. The metal hood is a conical design that is optimized for maximum capture of fumes and ease of use. We also offer a bench mount hose kit, which allows the arm to be affixed to a bench or table. The 9-foot hose connection allows the unit to be positioned under a bench or away from the operator to further reduce noise.

The FumeFighter® doubles as a HEPA Air Scrubber by returning clean breathable air back into the workspace.

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Fume Fighter Filtration

The FumeFighter is a unique stand-alone portable fume collection unit that has a special blend of VOC and Dust filtration. It’s 15 LB activated carbon filter is capable of eliminating odors from harsh chemicals. It’s .3 micron @ 99.97% eff HEPA captures minute particles returning pristine air back into the workplace.

The FumeFighter uses a backward curved, variable speed,motorized impeller which has more stable airflow and is smoother running than other types of air movers. An optional silencer reduces exhaust noise for under bench installations.

The FumeFighter® is used by nail technicians to filter acetone and formaldehyde.

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