Static Conductive Urethane Hose FDA and Cleanroom

Clean Room Hose

Static Dissipative Urethane Food Grade Hose for vacuuming of food and pharmaceutical ingredients. Excellent abrasion resistance.

Clean Room Hose

Cleanroom Hose with Grounding Wire

Specially formulated clear static dissipative thermoplastic polyurethane hose reinforced with a rigid white external ABS helix & an embedded copper braided grounding wire. 

Our conductive cuffs screw “lefty” onto the hose helix allowing an easy bond between the grounding wire and the metal vacuuming tool.  The opposite end of the hose bonds with the vacuum, or whatever you are connecting to.  We offer a hand held multimeter so that you can measure the path to ground in Ohms. 

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  • Extremely flexible with great abrasion resistance vs. heavy walled PVC
  • Smooth interior assures minimal friction loss, efficient air flow & elimination of material build-up
  • Enclosed copper braided grounding wire reduces static build-up in material handling applications
  • Permanent and non-humidity dependent ESD (electrostatic discharge) protection
  • Ideal for clean room and pharmaceutical applications, powder processing and pneumatic conveying systems
  • Surface Resistivity Level: 108 - 1010 Ohms/Square
  • Manufactured with FDA acceptable materials
  • Wall Thickness = .040”
  • Static conductive cuffs available

Static Dissipative Food Grade Hose

Static Dissipative Food Grade Hose
Static Dissipative Food Grade Hose

Our Static Dissipative Food Grade Hose is impregnated with proprietary conductive urethane resins during manufacture.   These conductive urethane resins measure a surface resistivity level:108 - 1010 Ohms/Square.  It is these conductive resins that dissipate static. There is a grounding wire embedded in the hose to provide an additional path to ground. 

Market Applications:

Clean Rooms, Dust Collection, Fertilizer Broadcasting, Food Grade, Glass Clinching Granule Transport,Material Handling, Paint Spray Extraction, Plastics Industry, Powder & Bulk, Sand Blasting, Shredders, Silica Dust, Static Control, Ultra Violet Dryers, Woodworking/Furniture Industry.


  • Great abrasion resistance & high tear strength
  • Superior chemical resistance & excellent flexibility
  • Designed for applications with wide temperature ranges
  • Ideal for clean rooms and material plastic processing applications
  • Permanent and non-humidity dependent ESD (electrostatic discharge) protection
  • Surface Resistivity Level:108 - 1010 Ohms/Square
  • Clear is manufactured with FDA acceptable materials
  • Wall Thickness = .030”
  • Available with factory-installed 2” clear soft cuffs
  • Black available

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