Customized Downdraft Table

APB Downdraft Tables were customized for safe collection of cadmium dust.

USS Indiana

The Problem

​Cadmium is used extensively by the US Navy in the construction of ships and submarines, as it has unique characteristics that make it ideal for electroplating. It also works well as a paint base. But cadmium is also a toxic heavy metal. We were approached by the US Navy to find a safe and reliable method of capturing dusts generated from the sanding of small parts containing cadmium during construction of submarines at Norfolk Naval Shipyard. They requested that the equipment be made in USA.

The Solution

APB Downdraft with HEPA
APB Downdraft with .3 Micron @ 99.97% efficient HEPA

We proposed our custom APB Downdraft Tables with rear .3 micron @ 99.97% HEPA Modules. We recommended our extra-wide 48” x 102” table, because it is wide enough to accommodate two technicians working at the same time. We increased the motor size to facilitate a very strong table-top capture velocity, and a silencer baffle was added. We also added a 12” extension shelf to the table top to allow the technicians to pull a stool under while working. In all, it was a very ergonomic and powerful package.

The customer was very pleased with the result and has since ordered many more Custom Downdraft Tables.

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