C5-2500 Wet Dust Collector

The C5-2500 Wet Dust Collector is designed for safe collection of aluminum dust.


The Problem

​Aluminum is used heavily in aircraft and automobile manufacturing, as well as countless other industries. It is very lightweight and easy to work with, but is also one of the most explosive organic dusts. We were approached by a systems integrator who needed a safe and reliable means of collecting aluminum dust in the work cells they were building for a client. It needed to be compliant with NFPA 484, as well as OSHA and ATEX. They also requested that the equipment be made in the USA.

The Solution

​We recommended a C5-2500 2500 cfm 5HP Wet Collector with an 8” inlet. NFPA/OSHA Compliance Packages were recommended, along with an Explosion-Proof Motor and 1.5” Drain Valve. The customer integrated the system into one of their work cells and noticed right away how quietly and efficiently the unit ran. The customer also requested a custom paint color that we were able to provide at no extra charge.

The customer was very happy with the C5-2500, and their own local AHJ recommended it for future projects. We can say with pride that they have become a happy repeat customer.

C5-2500 Wet Dust Collector

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