Ducted Wet Dust Collectors for XP Metal Dusts


Wet Dust Collectors for aluminum dusts and commercial alloys, NFPA 484 Compliance.

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Certified HEPA Filtration with NFPA 484 compliant heat sensor.

Putting HEPA Filtration in wet dust collectors in the past has been challenging because the aluminum fines would dry out in the filters after the machine was turned off. Over time the accumulation of aluminum dust became a fire hazard. A lot of manufacturers stopped offering HEPA filtration as a result. A safe solution for this is to install heat and fire sensors on the HEPA filter itself. 

Ask your rep about the optional HEPA Filtration with NFPA 484 compliant heat sensors for safety and proper compliance.  Call us today to learn more! 

Ducted custom Wet-Collector for evacuating titanium dust from a robotic cell.

Our Wet Collection ducted systems are designed to be used indoors in manufacturing and research locations to collect explosive metal dusts from various processes. We have a lot of experience with automation and robotic manufacturing systems as well as Aerospace, Defense, Research, and countless others. We will also be able to help you with OSHA and NFPA compliance by showing you how to deal with each specific explosive metal dust application. Call us today with the details of your unique application..

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