Car manufacturer needed a solution.

Pneumatic (air-operated) Mini Immersion Separator.


The Problem

A large manufacturer known for making aluminum body parts for BMW and Honda needed a vacuuming solution for the aluminum dust being generated at multiple work stations. Because aluminum dust is highly explosive, they were already aware that no chances could be taken when considering vacuuming solutions. The area had also been designated an NFPA Divison 1 Area. The solution had to be portable and it needed to be 110V. The vacuum solution would also have to be NRTL certified for Group E.

The Solution

We recommended the little Tiger-Vac® ATEX-10A (IT-40L) CFE HEPA  the vacuum uses 100% of the intake air to completely submerge materials in liquid, which rules out the chance of an outside ignition source entering the vacuum. The vacuum is lightweight and portable, allowing workers to move it around quite easily. We also proposed that it be connected directly to the hose port on the handheld sanders they were using, so that complete source capture could be achieved. Source capture keeps harmful dusts and fumes away from the operator’s breathing zone. The customer reported that the vacuum improved efficiency and returned clean breathable air back into the work space. The local AHJ recommended its use on future explosive dust vacuuming projects.

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