Compact Dust Collectors2

For use in labs and small production areas where space is tight but good filtration and airflow are needed.


25.5” x 24” footprint!

Because of its vertical design, the VSCF-800 has a tiny 25.5” x 24” footprint and is a great option if space is tight. The Vertical Small Cartridge Filter (VSCF-800) unit is designed to provide efficient, cost-effective control of dust, fume, smoke and odor contaminants generated from a variety of manufacturing and process applications.


  • Standard Airflow: 800 CFM using a 1.0 horsepower single-phase TEFC motor
  • Power cord and switch
  • 99% cartridge filter efficiency at 0.5 microns
  • Removable Dust Drawer
  • 4” or 6” inlet collar
  • Heavy duty construction with Kelly Green industrial textured powder coat finish
  • Direct drive backward inclined airfoil non-overloading fan
  • Mini-helic filter change-out gauge
  • Manual Push Button air pulse cartridge filter cleaning

VSCF-800 Cartridge Door Open
VSCF-800 Cartridge Door Open

Typically used to control low to moderate concentrations of dry contaminants, the VSCF-800 can be used on a variety of processes
that generate dust, fume, smoke or odor. Cleaning of the cartridge filter in the VSCF-800 is done via a shop compressed-air hose connected to the unit, activated by manually pushing a button on the front of the unit. The dust falls off the filter into a dust drawer located below the filter. The Vertical Small Cartridge Filter unit will help with compliance with local OSHA regulations by drawing contaminants away from the operator’s breathing zone and reducing emissions to an acceptable level.


VSCF Dust Drawer
  • Nominal CFM: 800
  • Motor HP: 1.0
  • Size: {WxDxH): 25.5” x 24” x 48.2”


The VSCF-800 Collector comes standard with a 125-square-foot 80/20 polyester blend flameretardant cartridge with an efficiency rating of 99% at 0.5 microns. An optional NANO cartridge filter is available with an efficiency rating of 99.999% at 0.5 microns. Also standard is a single-phase 1 HP TEFC motor with non-overloading direct drive blower, and tool-less filter support bars via access door. Other filters can be added on the exhaust of the unit if smoke is present (such as a 99.97% at 0.3 micron HEPA or Activated Carbon for vapor odor contaminant).

Velocity Series Small Dust Collectors


All models are backed by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. CSA and CE approved. Made in Canada.

  • Premium power series for universal use
  • Excellent for EVERYTHING: Aluminous oxide, sand, quartz, glass beads, gypsum, die-stone, ceramic alloys, acrylics, resins, etc
  • “A-Mile-A-Minute High Performance Brushless Dust Collection
  • “Slide & Glide” Rejuvenating Cartridge Filter System
  • Brushless, Bagless, and Maintenance Free Industrial Motor
  • No brushes or filter bags to change and replace
  • Comprehensive Extended Two Year Warranty Protection
  • Pre-Filter Collector & Odor Exhaust Filter upgrade features available

Velocity HiCap

Velocity HiCap
Velocity HiCap

The Velocity HiCap is similar to the Velocity X4 but designed for High debris capture, low maintenance applications. Comes with legs and 6 gallon (23 liter) plastic pail for easy debris removal. Ideal in situations where space is limited the Velocity HiCap has a very small footprint.

Velocity x 4 Dust collector ( 4 dedicated ports - simultaneous use - ) 2.5” diam. heavy duty hose x 6 feet long x each port - Dust collectors - Features powerful motor blower system - maintenance friendly design - filter cleaning in seconds - and a quick and easy slide out tray for recovery of precious metals.

Call: (800)635-0298 for a free quote.

Description Velocity X4 Velocity X2 Velocity X1
Nominal Airflow 500 250 125
HICAP Filter Part No.: F084 F082 F081
OPTIONAL HEPA Filter Part No.: N/A F189 N/A
Dimensions, Height: 23” (584mm) 17” (432mm) 17” (432mm)
Dimensions, Width: 18” (457mm) 14” (356mm) 14” (356mm)
Dimensions Length: 25.5” (648mm) 25” (635mm) 19.5” (496mm)
Voltage / Current: 120/1/60, 9.2amps 120/1/60, 6.2amps 120/1/60, 5.8amps
Max. Power Consumption, Approx. Weight: 740watts, 120lbs (55kgs) 690watts, 73lbs (34kgs) 635watts, 65lbs (30kgs)

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