Extraction Arms for Dust, Smoke and Mist

Extraction Arms

Our No-Smoke Arms can be fitted to most popular brands of portable welding and dust collectors.

Wall Mount Extraction Arms

Wall Arm
Wall Mount Arms

We carry extraction arms from several of the world’s leading manufacturers. Our arms are in use in welding shops, pharma processing, and defense and aerospace facilities throughout the world. We have stainless steel for corrosion resistance, ATEX arms for NFPA 652 compliance, Fan-Powered Wall Mount, and our powder coated lightweight aluminum arms for welding. Our arms have a damper for on/off operation.

Double Arm with mounting bracket

Our arms can be installed on a beam or a wall. They can also be installed from the ceiling. We have a mounting bracket for almost every application. The adjustable frictional joints and springs provide easy and smooth movement of the arm.

The suction hood can be equipped with a halogen spotlight to light up the work area.

We have shortest lead times in the industry on Fume Arms. We also offer technical support on all major brands. Call (800) 635 0298 for an immediate quote with shipping costs and availability, or email us at sales@controlledairdesign.com

Radial Fans

Inline Radial Fans - 110V 1.5HP and 230/460V 3HP

Our inline Radial Fans provide 1000 CFM to a 6” x 10’ arm for immediate evacuation of gases and dusts.

Our Wall-Mount extraction arms are designed for source capturing dust, fumes, mist and gases from all kinds of industrial processes. The use of self-supporting joints, flexible hoses, gas springs and smooth tubing, guarantees convenient placement of the arm’s hood close the source of problem. Properly adjusted frictional joints allow the arm to be set to the required tension of the joint. Arm tubing is made of stainless steel or conductive powder-coat finishing. Brackets for wall, ceiling or column mounting are available.

Applications: chemicals, medical laboratories, bio labs, clean rooms & food processing

Bench-Mount Extraction Arms

Bench Mount Arm
Bench Mount Arm

​In addition to our Wall-Mount Arms, we also have a full line of 4” 6” 7” 8” and 10” Bench-Mount Arms, with reach’ up to 14’ -

Our arms are available in stainless, aluminum, and ATEX designs. Our Bench-Mount Arms have common bolt hole patterns that can work with metric or imperial threads.

We have Bolt-Hole Patterns for all major brands of portable fume collectors.

Jet Clean
Arms for All makes of Fume Collectors


  • Available in enamel, aluminum, and stainless steel construction
  • Wall or Portable Mount Models
  • Patented External Joint
  • Rotary Bearing 360º Rotation
  • Optional High-Efficiency Fan for External Exhaust
  • Inline Airflow Damper
  • Optional Light Kit
  • Extension Booms to reach further distances

Mini Extraction Arms


The Mini self-supporting articulated arm represents the best technical solution and has the necessary versatility for extracting fumes emitted by soft soldering, laboratory vapors, electronics in general, small- scale craft work gold smithery, dental laboratories, research laboratories, analytical laboratories, etc. The Mini-Extraction arm is available with two articulated joints fitted with fast-tightening screws for correct positioning at the workstation, according to the specific type of use required. The Mini self-supporting arm can be fixed to the ceiling or the workbench.

Operating Principle: The polluted air is sucked in by one of the seven types of hoods, inter- changeable according to the type of use with ideal positioning possibilities as it can rotate 360° about its axis, passes through the anodized aluminum pipe with articulated joints made of a resistant plastic material, to the filter unit or the centralized suction system.

Telescopic Arms

Teloscopic Arms
Telescopic Arms

Our Telescopic extraction arms are designed for effective extraction of welding fumes and gas contamination, as well as other small dust particles – directly at the point of emission before the fumes can enter the breathing zones of people nearby. The Telescopic extraction arms can be applied in any areas where space is tight. Usually, this is the situation in welding schools, where the welding booths can be very small. The extraction arm can work independently, with its own extraction fan, or in a group of local exhausts connected to the main collecting ductwork (with a central dust collector or fan).

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Flexduct for arm flex-joint.

FR Flex-Duct for welding and fume exhaust. 2 inch to 22 inch diameter available. FR or food garde.

Our FR Flexduct can be used in all kinds of industrial and commercial fume and gas exhaust applications. It also has the perfect amount of resistance to be used as the flex-joint that connects the metal pipe sections on most brands of extraction arms. We have single-ply polyester flame retardent, or conductive urethane that is also USDA Food Grade.

Used extensively in shipyards in conjunction with a magnetic hood for welding applications. This is an ideal set up for scaffolds and hard to reach places.

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Compatible with all ducting systems. Our ATEX Arms are fully compliant with NFPA 652 for explosive dusts and gases. Grounded and food-grade arms also available.

ATEX Explosion Proof Arms

ATEX Explosion Proof Arm.

Controlled Air Design No-Smoke ATEX Fume Extraction Arms are designed to convey locally produced pollutants towards specific filtering and deodorizing systems in potentially explosive atmospheres.

The use of conductive materials guarantee a proper ground connection. No-Smoke ATEX Arm suitable to be applied in zone 21, 1 and with dust classified St3. Our No-Smoke ATEX Arms are also USDA Food Grade.

We offer quantity discounts on all our fume extraction arms. Call (800) 635 0298 for details!

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