Coral Iperjet Mini-Central Cartridge Collectors

Coral Iperjet

Coral IPERJET DF is ideal for extracting welding fumes from all-day robotic welding and laser cutting applications. Returns clean breathable air into work space.


The Coral Iperjet Collectors are ideal for extracting welding fumes from all-day robotic welding and laser cutting cell applications.  Laser cutting can produce a lot of sticky dust that clogs cartridge filters. The Thermal Cut version of the Iperjet has a spark baffle and four nano cartridge filters that are designed for applications like this. The onboard filter cleaning system is set up for hands free operation. The starter is set up with a thermal overload switch. With a spark-extinguishing chamber, FR filters, and and option for HEPA after-filter which is 99.97% efficient @ .3 microns, the Iperjet returns clean, breathable air into the workspace. 

Iperjet 4
The Iperjet DF can be used with arms, or it can be ducted.

Great For– Grinding, Deburring, Laser Cutting, Welding, Marking, and Much More. The Iperjet filters and sorts the larger particles into the collection bin and the remainder dust is then filtered through the high efficiency cartridge filters. While the high performance fan, placed just on the top of the unit, assures a high suction capacity and a low noise level. Thanks to the pneumatic adjustable cleaning system (with compressed air) the perfect efficiency of the cartridges is assured.

The IPERJET DF units are equipped with horizontal cartridges is suitable for suction and filtration of welding fumes, fine and coarse dusts as well as of small quantities of chips, dusts/fumes from thermic cutting. Is a Filter to be used inside work premises. Delivering as much as 3,835 cu ft/min, plus an option for HEPA and Carbon Filtration. The internal Spark Chamber makes the Iperjet DF a great choice for welding, grinding and cutting of metals. The horizontal position of the cartridges allows an easy access and a quick maintenance of the filtering area. If allowed, the filtered air can be recycled into the working area giving a considerable energy saving.

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Horizontal Filters

Most of the coarse dust is separated in a pre-chamber, so it settles in a first collection tray; the air then runs through a maze and reaches the filter section with high efficiency cartridges, which provide for the filtration of any remaining dust. In the upper part of the IPERJET cartridge filter there is a high efficiency centrifugal fan, which guarantees a high level of suction capacity while maintaining low noise levels.

Iperjet DF Specifications

Unit DF4 DF6 DF9
Air Flow 1770 cu ft/min 2360cu ft/min 3600 cu ft/min
Useful Static Pressure 5.1 inches H2O 3.93 inches H2O 5.11 inches H2O
Weight 836 lbs 1034 lbs 1364 lbs
Working Tank Header Pressure 116 psi 116 psi 116 psi
Voltage 230 or 460/3/60 230 or 460/3/60 230 or 460/3/60
HP 3HP 5.36HP 10HP
Sound Level [*Silencer Plenum] 78 db / 71 db* 81 db / 75 db* 87 db / 79 db*
Filtering surface (f²) 398 775 1162
Bin Capacity (G) 22 24 29

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