We recommend Baldor Reliance Explosion-Proof AC and DC NEMA Motors, and Sprecher+Schuh XP Starters on our portable Dust Collectors. Designed and built in the US for North American standards Certified safe solutions.

Dust Collection and vacuuming Class I Group D, Class II Group F&G motors and starters

Some units that we can add XP motors and starters to:

Our PDC Dust and Fume Collectors can be fitted with Baldor Reliance XP Motors and Sprecher+Schuh XP Starters. We provide a full range to pick from including single phase and 3 phase. All are made in the USA. Parts and service are available 7 days a week. 

Single Phase and three phase Class I Group D, Class II Group F&G motors

Baldor GP

Our extensive line of Division 1 Explosion Proof motors are designed and built to contain an explosion inside and not propagate it into the surrounding atmosphere. Aproval listings are avalable for Class I (Gas) and or Class II (Dust) hazardous enviroments. Single and three phase designs are suitable for fixed speed, sine wave only operation.


  • Single phase (1/4 – 5 hp), Three phase (1/4 – 60 hp)
  • NEMA Frames 48 – 364T
  • Foot mounted, C-Face footed and footless designs
  • 115/208-230, 115/230, 230, 208-230/460, 230/460, 575 volts
  • UL & CSA certification
  • Class I Group D, Class II Group F&G
  • Inverter-Duty on 1Hp and larger
  • IP54
  • Totally enclosed heavy gauge steel and cast iron construction
  • 60 & 50Hz data included on nameplate
  • Threaded lead inlet
  • NEMA Premium® efficiency with a 3 year warranty

Explosion Proof Starters. NEMA 7 and NEMA 9.

SS Starter
Type 7 and Type 9 protection

ISO9001, UL508 &
UL1203 (NNNY)
Certified Panel Shop

Including ATEX Solutions

Sprecher+Schuh Explosion-proof Starters and Controllers are precisely engineered to provide protection in a wide range of hazardous gas (Type 7) and hazardous dust (Type 9) environments. In addition, NEMA 4 gaskets are standard on most enclosures, providing watertight protection. Type 7 and Type 9 protection Type 7 enclosures are designed to provide protection against an internal explosion when operated in a hazardous gas environment. Type 9 enclosures protect from internal explosion in a hazardous dust environment. Both types must also prevent enclosed heat generating mechanisms from causing external surfaces to reach temperatures capable of igniting explosive gas-air mixtures in the surrounding atmosphere.

CAT7 & CAT9 Starters

• Quick availability for standard units
• CEP7 Electronic Overload Relay
• Ample conduit holes standard
• Compact Design

KTA9 Manual Motor Controller

• Manual Starter or Manual “Type E”
self-protected combo starter
• Through-the-door motor disconnect rated
• Class 10 Thermal Overload
• Compact design
• Type 4 Gasket on EY model

Combination Starters

• Molded case Thermal-Magnetic
Circuit Breaker provides
single phasing protection
• CAT7 or CAT9 Contactor
• CEP7 Electronic Overload Relay
• FVNR and FVR

CX7 Combination Controller

• “Type E/F” self-protected combo starter
• Heavy duty enclosure
• Through-the-door motor disconnect rated
• Type 4 Gasket
• CA7 Contactor for remote operation
• Class 10 Thermal Overload


  • Currently available from 0.5hp to 30hp, higher ratings coming soon
  • NEMA 1 (IP31 - indoor) or NEMA 4X (IP66, indoor/outdoor) ratings
  • Optional STO (Safe Torque Off)
  • Sensorless vector control for synchronous motors
  • Versions with or without repair switch, keypad, USB or WLAN diagnostic module for easy plug & play operation
  • EPM module available
  • Three available setup methods:
    1. Keypad –recommended option for setting a few key parameters
    2. SMART Keypad App – use for conveyor belts and other simple applications
    3. EASY Starter engineering tool – If functions such as the motor potentiometer or sequence control for a positioning application need to be set, this is the best option
  • Ideal for conveyors, packaging, fan drives and pump systems
  • Networks available CANopen, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, IO-Link, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, PROFINET
  • This series is the recommended replacement for the discontinued Lenze AC Tech MC Series

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