Division 1 Portable Explosion Proof Dust Collector

XP Dust Collector Lineup4

For the Safe Recovery of Combustible/Conductive Dusts from 600 to 1200 CFM


These portable stainless steel dust collectors are fully compliant with OSHA and NRTL and 3rd party standards and are fully certified explosion proof. The low center of gravity design allows for super easy movement on a smooth floor surface. The locking wheel castors are activated and de-activated with your foot. These are very popular in labs and in food production areas.

These explosion-proof portable dust collectors can be set up with a variety of filter types. Click on the link directly below for full specifications.

CD-600 EX and CD-1200 EX Technical Specifications Link.

CD-600 EX

CD-600 EX
CD-600 EX

Designed to capture airborne explosive dusts in NFPA designated Division 1 Hazardous Locations. Heavy duty welded construction and static dissipating and grounded/bonded design.

The CD-600 EX has a Continuous-Duty motor that is available in both single phase 110V and also 230/460 3 phase (TEFC) explosion-proof/dust ignition proof motor. Manual or auto filter pulse cleaning, spark trap, and locking casters are included. The CD- 600 EX is ideal in labs, or in batching/testing applications.

The CD-600 EX has a full motion articulating arm and spark-trap making it ideal for grinding and welding, it’s versatility also allows it to be used in Aerospace for capturing combustible dusts during sanding and buffing operations.


CD-1200 EX

  • Designed to capture airborne dust
  • 3-stage filtration system consisting of a metal mesh spark trap filter, aluminized spun bond cartridge and carbon after-filter. Filtration efficiency of 97% on 0.3 micron
  • Low pressure, high flow rate. 1200 CFM (2000 M³/h)
  • Filter cartridge pulse cleaning by compressed air (manual or with automatic timer) with a 10L compressed air tank
  • Filter cartridge made of conductive aluminized spun bond material
  • Heavy Duty welded construction
  • Heavy duty wheels and swivel castors. 2 wheels are static conductive and equipped with brakes
  • Handles for ease of movement
  • Easy access to filters
  • Low center of gravity to prevent tipping
  • Spark trap metallic filter included
  • Continuous duty 3-phase (TEFC) explosion proof/dust ignition proof motor. Third Party Certified
  • Different motor voltages are available
  • Thermal overload for motor
  • Optional dust extraction arm available - 2 x Ø6” (150 mm) or 1 x Ø8” (200 mm)

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