PDC-XP Collectors for Explosive ST1 Dusts


Designed for source capture. The PDC-XP units are compliant with NFPA 652 standard for collection of ST1 Explosive Dusts.

Available in Stainless Steel.

​The PDC-XP Portable Cartridge Collectors are designed for source capture of nuisance XP dusts that would otherwise migrate and settle on ledges or above ceiling tiles. Containing this dust right at the source is by far the most effective means of capture. The TEFC Motor and push button Filter-Pulsing System also make the SPC units great for continuous-duty use. The PDC-XP units are compliant with NFPA 652 standard for collection of ST1 Explosive Dusts.

The PDC-XP portable units are also available in stainless steel. There is also an optional explosion-proof motor and switch that are compliant with NRTL Class I and II. Division I and II. Groups F and G. A group E motor is also available. There is a bonding strap for the main filter, a non-sparking fan wheel, optional grounding reel, and up to 2500 cfm. 

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Unit HP CFM/"WG LxWxH inches
PDC-XP-1000XPST1 1.5 1000 / 5.5" 36 x 20 x 53.5
PDC-XP-1200XPST1 1.5 1200 / 5.5" 47 x 20 x 53.5
PDC-XP-2000XPST1 3 2000 / 5.5" 47 x 20 x 53.5
PDC-XP-2500XPST1 5 2500 / 7.5" 47 x 20 x 53.5

NFPA 652 and the 8 cubic ft rule

Per NFPA 652:

“if the system’s air-material separator, such as a filter receiver, dust collector, or cyclone, has an enclosure (dirty-side) volume greater than 8 cu. ft., then the enclosure must be protected against an explosion’s effect by a valid protection method, such as explosion venting, suppression, or containment.” The PDC-XP 1000 and 2000 are both compliant with the 8 cu. ft. rule, as the “dirty air” portions of each collector are less than 8 cubic ft.


By also adding a non-sparking fan wheel and an aluminum spark deflector (and several other key upgrades), the PDC-XP units can be customized to be compliant with NFPA 652 Standard for capture of ST1 explosive dusts. These units are useful in specific applications such as batching or pouring of powders in a lab or factory, as well as industries such as cosmetics, pharmaceutical, aerospace, and defense. Having a detailed conversation ahead of purchase is crucial as every application is unique. Allow Controlled Air Design to customize a unit for your needs!

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Optional Spark Trap Assembly


Grounding Reel
Retractable Grounding Reel. Mounts to SPC unit.
  • Explosion-Proof Motor Cl 1 Grp D/ Cl 2 Grp E, F&G (TECHNICAL DETAILS HERE)
  • Retractable Grounding Reel
  • HEPA Module to offer 99.97% @ 0.3 micron efficiency
  • Carbon Module: for the removal of gas/vapors and odors
  • Multiple inlet options available: Arm, Bench or Hood
  • Spark trap
  • Auto-Pulse


  • 1000 or 2000 Nominal CFM @ 5.5 in. of static pressure
  • Single phase 1.5 HP or three phase 3 HP TEFC motor with switch, cord on 1.5 HP only.
  • Direct drive backward inclined airfoil non-overloading fan
  • 177 or 295 square feet of filter area providing filter Efficiency of 99% at 0.5 microns 80/20 Polyester Blend flame retardant HEPA-like cartridge filter
  • Internal baffle protecting cartridge filter Manual push button pulse-jet filter cleaning system Easy tool-less filter change-out Mini-helic filter change-out gauge Dust collection drawer 6 or 8 in. by 10 ft. externally supported extraction arm
  • 10 in. rear wheels and 5 in. front swivel wheels
  • 11- and 14-gauge heavy duty metal construction
  • Kelly Green industrialized textured powder coat finish

Explosion Proof Motors Class 1, Div I and II. Groups E,F&G

XP Motors
Optional - Explosion Proof Class I Group C&D, Class II Group E, F&G Motor

We offer a variety of motor choices with the PDC-XP units.  The TEFC Motor that comes standard with the PDC-XP units is acceptable in most ST1 dust collection applications.   For severe-duty applications we can offer Explosion-Proof Motors that are UL listed and rated for groups F&G. We also have a Group E Motor available.  NEMA 7/9 Starters and VFDs are also available.  For use in Class 1 areas where airborne flammable gases and vapors are present,  these motors are designed to protect against hazardous gases, vapors and dusts that have explosive properties. Our highly engineered shaft sealing system protects against all three hazardous dust groups.

Once we learn the details of your unique application our team has a discussion about the best and safest components to offer.   No two applications are identical, so great care is taken in recommending the correct version of PDC-XP unit is right for you.   Give us a call any time to discuss: (800) 635 0298


Outline Layout - SPC-1000
Outline Layout - PDC-XP-1000
Outline SPC-2000
Outline Layout - PDC-XP-2000

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