Backdraft and Downdraft for Explosive ST1 Dusts

SPC Backdraft

Designed for source capture. The SPC units are compliant with NFPA 652 standard for collection of ST1 Explosive Dusts.

Compact Backdraft Collector


This is a completely self-contained dust collector with very impressive suction. The filter is cleaned by means of an internal filter pulse mechanism, which uses a small supply of compressed air to ‘back wash’ the filter.

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The standard identifies 7 specific requirements:

NFPA 652 requires all facilities handling combustible dust, even in NON-Classified environments, to use vacuum systems that meet very specific design requirements as laid out in NFPA 652 Section

  • The materials of construction must be conductive, except in a few specific circumstances.
  • Hoses must be conductive or static dissipative.
  • All conductive components, including wands and attachments, must be bonded and grounded.
  • Dust-laden air must not pass through the fan or blower.
  • Electrical motors must not be in the dust-laden air stream unless listed for Class II, Division I, locations.
  • Paper filter elements aren’t allowed for picking up liquids or wet materials.
  • Vacuum systems used for metal dust must meet the requirements of NFPA 484, which is the standard for combustible metals.


  • Explosion-Proof Motor Cl 1 Grp D/ Cl 2 Grp F&G
  • Retractable Grounding Reel
  • HEPA Module to offer 99.97% @ 0.3 micron efficiency
  • Carbon Module: for the removal of gas/vapors and odors
  • Multiple inlet options available: Arm, Bench or Hood
  • Spark trap
  • Auto-Pulse

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1000 Backdraft & Downdraft2000 Backdraft & Downdraft
-1400 Nominal CFM @ 6” H2O-2000 Nominal CFM @ 6” H2O
-1.5 HP 115/1/60 TEFC Motor-3 HP 230-460/3/60 TEFC Motor
-10 cfm @ 90 psi (3/8 compressed air line for filtercleaning).-10 cfm @ 90 psi (3/8 compressed air line for filtercleaning).
-27" x 36" or 27" x 48" Top  -27" x 36" or 27" x 48" Top 
-Direct Drive Backward inclined non overloading fan-Direct Drive Backward inclined non overloading fan
-14- & 16-gauge Heavy Duty Steel Construction-14- & 16-gauge Heavy Duty Steel Construction
-Manual push-button reverse pulse cleaning system-Manual push-button reverse pulse cleaning system
-177 sq. ft. Spunbond FR Filter-295 sq. ft. Spunbond FR Filter
@ .5 microns ( HEPA like efficiency)-@ .5 microns ( HEPA like efficiency)
-Options for HEPA and Carbon ModulesOptions for HEPA and Carbon Modules
-Internal baffle protecting cartridge filter-Internal baffle protecting cartridge filter
-Easy tool less filter change out-Easy tool less filter change out
-8 ft power cord and switch-8 ft power cord and switch
-10 inch diameter rear casters-10 inch diameter rear casters
-5 inch diameter swivel casters-5 inch diameter swivel casters
-Minihelic gauge-Minihelic gauge
-Dust Collection Drawer 1 cu ft-Dust Collection Drawer 1 cu ft
-Powder Coated Finish-Powder Coated Finish
-74 dBa-74 dBa
-36” Wide Backdraft Hood With Adjustable Slots-36” Wide Backdraft Hood With Adjustable Slots
-Hinged Doors-Hinged Doors

Compact Downdraft Tables


Made in the USA, PDC Portable Downdraft Benches are engineered for effective, economical control of dry dusts, fume and smoke that is generated from sanding, polishing, grinding and more. Ideal for light to moderate concentrations of dry contaminants, the Downdraft Benches draw fumes, vapors, smoke and particulate down and back- away from the operator’s breathing zone. Highly efficient cartridge filters trap particulate down to .5 microns, while pulse-jet compressed air blasts keep filters clear and operating at optimum efficiency.

110V - Continuous-Duty

Compact Downdraft Tables

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