Coral IPERJET DF 3DST1 Industrial Grade Indoor Dust Collector with Flameless Explosion-Vent for Multiple Operators. 4, 6, and 9 cartridge units, up to 3800 CFM. Comes with Flameless Vent.

There are two main versions: 

  • DF for Explosive Dusts 
  • The Thermalcut for Welding and Cutting

Dust Collector with Flameless Explosion-Vent for XP Dusts

Indoor Explosion Vent-System.

Protection against deflagration of organic dusts

The Coral IPERJET DF 3DST1 is a safe solution for source capture of ST1 dusts in HAZLOC where smaller XP units aren't big enough for the task at hand. Approval by your HSE or AHJ is necessary for it's use in HAZLOC. The IPERJET range can be 4-, 6- or 9-horizontal cartridges for suction and filtration of flammable or explosive vapors and dusts. Reliable and robust due to its panel construction.  The IPERJET Range is a step up in terms of industrial rugged design, safety, and maintaining proper air-to-cloth ratios. 

With HEPA Filtration the IPERJET doubles as a powerful air cleaner delivering clean, breathable air back into the workspace. 

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•Horizontal cartridges with automatic
compressed air jet cleaning system
•Air inlet chamber with spark arrestor
•Reinforced dust collection double drawer
•Remote mount electric control panel
with 50 ft SO cable
•Flameless explosion vent system
•Atex electric motor with spark proof
inlet system
•Chamber Silencer box with HEPA filter
•Activated Carbon filter
•Painted air inlet connection

Filtering unit with IFA/BGIA M-PES/AX EXAM accredited:

  • Atex compliant: suitable for environments with fire and explosion hazard pollutants
  • Durable paneled structure
  • "Plug & Play" solution, no installation required
  • Automatic air jet cleaning system

Click HERE to see full specifications. 

Extraction Arms for HAZLOC and Explosive Dusts. Div. 1.

Coral ATEX Arms for XP Applications.

Coral No-Smoke ATEX Fume Extraction Arms are designed to convey locally produced pollutants towards specific filtering and deodorizing systems in potentially explosive atmospheres. Click HERE to see full specifications for ATEX Arms

The use of conductive materials guarantee a proper ground connection. No-Smoke ATEX Arm suitable to be applied in zone 21, 1 and with dust classified St3. Our No-Smoke ATEX Arms are also USDA Food Grade.

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