Coral Grindex and Jetclean DF Portable Fume extractors are in stock for immediate shipment anywhere in the USA.

Coral Grindex DF for Welding and Grinding Fumes

Portable collector with water bath for safe collection of metal grinding sparks.

Units and Filters are IN STOCK for immediate delivery. Call (800) 635-0298

For all day continuous-duty collection of metal grinding sparks. 

The Grindex internal spark drop-out chamber forces the incoming polluted air into water in a drop-out chamber.  The heavier particles fall into the water-bath that sits at the bottom. Once the sparks have been quenched in the water the air continues it's path toward the main filters.  

Over time ordinary cartridge collectors can build up deposits of oil that come from oily metals which can be a fire hazard. Having the sparks go directly into water is a highly effective way of avoiding a fire within a collector that is capturing grinding sparks. 


The Grindex Units feature an optional extra stage of filtration that includes a 38 lbs. carbon cell for  safe removal of gases and VOCs. 

The Grindex Triplex Inlet allows direct connection of ducting.

The TRIPLEX INLET allows direct connection to ducting. The unit can also be used with an Articulating Arm.

This cart mounted filter unit for grinding dusts comes complete with fan, cartridge, spark trap, thermal switch and arm connection. Available in 1.5HP and 3.0 HP, and a variety of inlets, such as a mount for articulating arms, or connection to ducting with the Triplex Inlet. The Grindex and Jetclean units have TEFC continuous-duty motors for all day operation. Noise reduction module and articulating arms are optional. 

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Perfect for:

Welding, grinding, sanding, brazing, laser marking and cutting, rubber and plastic processing, high-speed machining.

Coral Jetclean DF2-1.5 HP

IN STOCK for immediate delivery!

Coral Jetclean DF2 1.5HP
Coral Jetclean DF2 1.5HP


The 1.5HP Jetclean DF2-1.5 is an all day welding and cutting fume extractor. The main filter cartridges are efficient to 99.97% @ .5 micron. We can also add HEPA or 38 lbs of carbon for harmful VOC and dusts when the application calls for it. The Jetcleans are in stock for immediate shipment. 

Featuring the same drop-out spark chamber, Continuous-Motor and filter pulsing as the other Jetcleans, the DF2-1.5 is an all day welding source capture that is superior to anything in its class. 

Coral Jetclean DF2-3.0HP

For all day welding fume extraction.

Coral Jetclean DF2
Coral Jetclean DF2 3.0HP

The Coral Jetclean DF 3.0 HP has dual 6"x10' or single 8"x10' articulated extraction arms for multiple source capture.  Incredible air volume up to 2100 CFM, TEFC motors and a high efficiency aluminum (non-sparking) backward inclined blower wheel, the Coral Jet Clean ruggedly designed and built to stand up and perform in the harshest environments. Industrial grade combination swivel and locking castors make the Coral Jet Clean easily maneuverable. The Jetclean is in stock for immediate delivery.

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Perfect for:

Welding, grinding, sanding, brazing, laser marking and cutting, rubber and plastic processing, high-speed machining.

Plus (click or tap to expand) + What is the working area of articulating arm?

Working area of articulating arm

Working area of articulating arm

Coral Cleango

The Economy King of Weld Fume Collectors

The Coral Cleango  is a powerful (1000 cfm) and compact unit designed for intermittent use. Ideal for maintenance shops, light fabrication and mechanics shops.    

Other budget units have flat panel filters that really belong in HVAC units... whereas at the heart of the Cleango you will see the same type of cartridge filter used in high capacity central systems. The Cleango is efficient to 99.9% at .5 micron. 

Source capture of contaminants. Ideal for welding, cutting, brazing and soldering.   This unit will deliver more power and filter area from 110V than any other comparable portable fume extractor. 

The Cleango, Grindex  and Jetclean DF dust and fume collectors are in stock for immediate delivery. 

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Perfect for:

Maintenance and job shop use. Intermittent-duty Welding, grinding, sanding, brazing.

Cleango Wall-Mount

The Cleango Wall-Mount is a good option when floorspace is limited. 

Featuring a full sized cartridge-filter that is efficient to .5 micron @ 99.97% and a 10' flex-arm

Another very valuable function of the Cleango is that it returns clean, breathable air into the workspace…doubling as an air cleaner!

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