Case Studies and information on increasing productivity while complying with things like NFPA, EPA OSHA and local environmental standards.

OSHA & NFPA compliance issues through analytical problem solving.
Safety first
Taking everything into consideration.

We take an analytical problem solving approach to every application.

This page is a resource of information on things such as NFPA Standards, OSHA Silica or Lead Paint-Chip Rules, news and articles from places like on dust explosions.

We advise our clients to develop relationships with their local AHJ and OSHA reps, not only for safety reasons, but also as a resource for saving money that would be otherwise wasted on purchasing the wrong equipment. When you call us we will examine your application and make the most safety conscious and efficient recommendations.

We show our clients how things like OSHA, EPA, NFPA and local environmental compliance laws can be complied with while also increasing efficiency. Sometimes by a wide margin. Call our sales engineers any time at toll-free (800) 635 0298 for a free no obligation assessment.

Case Studies

Depureco Eco-Bull XP for CLASS II DIVISION II

Case study on plastic dust vacuuming

Depureco Eco-Bull XP for explosive plastic dust

Fume Booth with Arm

Solution for fumes from lead and plastic soldering. PDB-1500 Fume Collector

US Army Modular Scalable Vest manufacture generated sticky soldering fumes and odors.

Cosmetics Manufacturing

Cosmetics dust case study

Dust migration was becoming a major problem.

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